keywords and some sketches…

8 06 2009

All those days I have been doing a list of keywords; interesting keywords related to the project to research about. I will research each of them in the next days. I have found some interesting resources. This will help me to write the dissertation and find other themes…


-shadow theatre/ chinese-japanese tradition.
-the representation of the shadow in the human History (myths, painting)/ silent film.
-body gesture/ game/ perform.
– no identity/  mask/ hidden / freedom
-ambiguous [animal, plants, human kind that are not that]
-extension/hybrid/ human/ tattoo
-analogue VS digital
-ambition of the human kind for being or trying to be whatever…

Here I upload a nice pic I took during our trip to the Highlands, in Skye,  two weeks ago. The weather and the Nature helped me to inspire.


Thanks to this pic, I was thinking if it´s possible to project on the floor instead of on a vertical screen, in order to get closer to the reality, in where our shadow is an extension of us… Here I upload two sketches of the installation I was thinking about. I have tried some , but not with max msp. That´s my next homework…



ShadowPlant form

5 06 2009


· noun   1 a dark area or shape produced by an object coming between light rays and a surface. 
a partial or complete darkness.
a position of relative inferiority or obscurity.

an inseparable attendant or companion.
a person secretly following and observing another.


noun 1 unoccupied ground or area.
the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move.
an interval of time (indicating that it is short).
7 the freedom and scope to live and develop as one wishes.

After the development of the Digital Media Studio Project, which was an intense and enriching period of study, I realised that for me, interactive media art is one of the most interesting modes of creative expression. Interactive art is a medium constantly in flux. This is in part due to the vagueness surrounding its definition in the minds of the people creating it and also a function of the technologies involved and their perceived increasing capabilities. The human computer interfaces is constantly being reinvented in order to innovate and explore ways of representation. This is the main aim of my summer research project.
I will research more about the relation between space and body, interactivity in theatre and dance-performance shows, music concerts, and technologies resources for this field… I would like to create a programmable space, which is an immersive environment in where analogue world is combined with digital one. The space will be interactive so that a body function is capable of manipulation of multimedia feedback trough visuals and sound (but mainly visually). A gesture can control lights, videos, in real- time. Mainly this is an interactive installation in where the user will see its shadow on the screen, and in real time with multi-modal interactive systems and expressive gesture (body tracking system) it will interact with the applications, and a world of
animated shadows will become as an extension of the user´s body shadow:
blooming plants, animals head, in a  mixture between analogue-digital world, real and fantastic world, but possible.
On the other hand, interactive systems facilitate aAn interactive system can  widen audience participation, where the users acts as an activating switch transforming them into creators and participants in this the projects. But despite we have a lot of technological advances, the user-creator´s space is reduced to the screen, so I would like to work with the concept and programs that analyse and classify data that is produced in real time. So as conclusion this project will be a product of the search for a relational space or maybe a space for authentic communication of daily life: the search for an ideal habitat where it is possible to coexist, to share and to recognize each other as a combination of multiple shapes in different environment.

Here I upload some sketches I have been doing to understand better the idea of the installation:

Hello world!

4 06 2009

Hello world!

I am Andrea Pazos. I am a student in a Science Master´s in Digital and Design Media in Edinburgh University 2008-2009. I am working on the final project that we have to submit by the end of August. I have decided to open a blog to update the work_in_progess otherwise I would forget it on the way.

I hope you will enjoy this walk in the shadows.